"Little help is better than nothing"
- Atle Hovstad

Ullpledd is Norwegian word for a wool blanket which started this mission after the terrible Gorkha earthquake in April 2015. Then the goal was simply to keep people and especially children warm since most of the houses in the village had just been collapsed. Then Atle Hovstad, the founder of Ullpledd, recognized how besides the houses also schools had been ruined in the earthquake and he decided to take more action. 

It has been a long journey but nowadays we are continuing Atle's mission and we are running an elementary school in a mountain village called Randepu which is located in south of the Solukhumbu district in Nepal. In addition, we have established a health clinic which is part of the school building. 

Here at Ullpledd, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. We believe in a power of an education and that a little help is better than nothing.

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I became part of Ullpledd during the spring 2017 when I traveled to the village together with Atle, the Norwegian man who started this mission. Two years after our trip we faced a huge unexpected lost and since then I have had a bigger role in the association. I want to continue the mission he once started and make at least a small difference in this world.



My journey of Ullpledd started when I met Noora in the spring of 2018. A year later, I had an opportunity to pack my bags and travel to the village with my friend Anttu. After the visit,  I have been a member of the Board of Ullpledd Suomi ry and tried to do my part to advance children's rights and gender equality.



I have been involved in Ullpledd since 2019. I have always wanted to help people in need and especially children. It is my passion and my goal is to make a difference to the people around me. Fortunately I found my way to Ullpledd through Noora and got to visit the village and work there as a teacher. I am currently part of the board of Ullpledd.



I was introduced to Ullpledd Nepal through my friend Iida. After our trip to the village in 2019, I fell in love with the community of people in the Randepu village, and I wanted to continue that journey by becoming a board member of Ullpledd Suomi ry. Through Ullpledd, we can offer some extra help to run the school of the village, and make sure that local children have easy access to education.